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Assistant | Social Media

All About Me

My story is both simple and crazy all at the same time. For starters, I am the oldest daughter of five kids. Growing up, me and my family did a lot of moving around, starting from Arkansas, to Puerto Rico, to San Antonio, all the way to Mckinney. Out of all the places I've lived, I think Puerto Rico and Mckinney are my favorite. 

I first started getting into cosmetology at 17 years old. Since my mom is the owner of a salon, I grew up around a handful of amazing women of God working towards a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. I'm no mathmatition, scientist, or engineer, but I do know how to create art. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was paint. I figured since I knew how to paint on a canvas, I could figure out how to paint on hair too. 

When I'm not studying hair or trying to figure out the secrets of a perfect balayage, I'm reading books by C.S. Lewis or listening to my favorite podcast; 'Thriving Stylist', 'Bible in a Year', or my personal favorite, '2 Bears, 1 Cave.' 

As a starting out stylist in the hair industry, I'm striving to perfect my techniques and improve my skills so that my clients leave feeling satisfied and taken care of. On top of that, I will do my best to hold back on my "that's what she said" jokes. But no promises ;)


I can't wait to see you in my chair! Have a wonderful day gorgeous!





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