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Senior Stylist

Redheads | Extensions

All About Me

Hello Beautiful! I'm Anna Simone.

I'm originally from Michigan and now happily serve the McKinney, TX area at House of Alba the Salon.

As a mom/business woman I know how important it is to feel special and pampered when you get a little time for self-care. I have selected my salon home specifically for the welcoming environment, and the community of strong beautiful women supporting and uplifting other strong, beautiful women. 

I have been a stylist for about 7 years and I fall more in love with my craft every day. I love doing all types of hair color, but reds are my absolute favorite. I'm obsessed with the magic that can be created with hair extensions and am certified in multiple different extension methods. As the world of hair is constantly evolving I am dedicated to keeping up with all the current trends and techniques and attend color classes often. 

While there are many talented stylists in my area, I feel my role as your stylist goes beyond just a great first visit and maintenance thereafter. I like to check in regularly and ensure that we are always fulfilling your hair care needs and addressing any concerns that may arise. It is my goal to ensure that every client loves their hair and never feels bored or stuck in a routine. 

When I'm not at the salon, I enjoy being active and spending time with my family. Whether its a night on the softball field, a hiking trip in the mountains or dancing the night away at a live show, so 

i know all the tricks to make sure your hair is always camera ready.

One last fun fact about me, I have had just about every hair style and color in the book. So if you are ever contemplating a major change but are unsure about if you will like it or not, just reach out and we can talk through all of the pros and cons to determine if it would be a good change for you.





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