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All About Me

Hey Girl! I'm Emily, I am a new stylist at the House of Alba and I'm super excited to meet you! I graduated from Paul Mitchell and have been on my adventure as a hairstylist for 7 months ever since! I can't wait to get my hands in more hair! Some of the few things I LOVE to do are blondes, balayages and brunettes, but I also enjoy doing all things hair!

Outside of doing hair I love going on roadtrips, all things outdoors, and I'm just getting into reading! My diet includes chipotle, coffee, and dark chocolate (chipotle is my number one). One thing I live by every day is "take everything one step at time". I love this saying because it helps live a less stressful, more simple way of living, and it gives you a better chance to see the good and focus in every situation! I'm so excited to make you feel beautiful and meet your hair goals! 

I can't wait to meet you! 





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