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All About Me

Hey Beautiful! I'm Haley!

I'm married to the love of my life and we have four beautiful girls and one awesome fur-baby! Yes, it's crazy at our house but I truly feel like a blessed mama. I live in vacation mode and love making sweet memories with my family and friends. From time to time, you'll catch me listening to some good music and sipping on some even better wine. 

After having my kids, I made a life changing decision to follow my passion and leave the finance world and with open arms, welcomed the beauty industry into my life. These past several years have been the most amazing journey thus far and I'm loving all the connections and bonds I have made and will continue to make along the way. One thing is for sure, my hairheart is happiest when it comes to blonding, balayage, and extensions!!

I have certainly learned that I am a better mama when I take care of myself. As your stylist, my main goal is to provide you with the most exceptional salon experience; leaving you and your hair feeling incredible. Giving you some time to unwind, enjoy a glass of wine, and truly enjoy some "ME" time! Together we'll talk about your inspirational pictures from start to finish and come up with some "Hair Plans!" Let me take you from those hair plans to "Hair Goals", because my chair is where the magic happens!

I'm so excited to meet you! Go get online and grab a spot for your appointment!





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